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SEO for Female Entrepreneurs

Hi I’m Marion SEO strategist & Trainer, Upcycling fanatic, mum, wife and lover of all things SEO!

Over the last decade I have helped businesses all over the world with their SEO but what I really love is focusing on SEO for Female Entrepreneurs.

Over my time in business I have been lucky to get help from and work with other amazing women in business and so when it came to SEO I knew I wanted to create training & strategies on SEO for female entrepreneurs just like you

You have the website, you have the products / services to sell, you have the skills to master your niche, what you don’t have is traffic …. And you don’t have a clue how to get it.

The good news is your customers are out there waiting for you. The bad news is they can’t find you yet.

Don’t worry that’s where I come in. Ready to drive more traffic to your website? Ready to scale the search engines and turn visitors into customers? Then I can help!

  • SEO Strategist & Trainer 90% 90%
  • Upcycling Fanatic 80% 80%
  • Tea Junkie 60% 60%
  • Mum To Two Awesome Kids 100% 100%


4 Easy Steps To Improve Your SEO (During Lockdown)

4 Easy Steps To Improve Your SEO (During Lockdown)

Found yourself with the time to improve your SEO due to the current crisis? There is no way to sugarcoat how hard covid 19 has hit businesses, very few if any have escaped its impact. What has been great is that so many business owners are choosing to use this time to...

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Feeling Clueless About SEO?
Get your copy of our easy to follow, actionable checklist. And set your website on course for the top of the search engine rankings!


SquareSpace SEO Tips

SquareSpace SEO Tips

Part 1 of our Squarespace SEO series, in this post are going to share the best Squarespace SEO tips that you just can’t afford to ignore!

Squarespace SEO tips has become one of my most common email requests lately for people looking for answers and help when it comes to tackling SEO for their squarespace website.

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How To Choose A SEO Friendly Domain?

How To Choose A SEO Friendly Domain?

How To Choose A SEO Friendly Domain? “How do I choose a SEO friendly domain?” Is a question I have some come up a LOT lately in some of the entrepreneur groups I’m a part of online. To be honest I was really surprised when I first started seeing it come up, because my...

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5 Quick “hacks” To Improve your SEO

5 Quick “hacks” To Improve your SEO

Discover how to improve your SEO results with 5 easy to implement SEO “hacks”

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