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Its no secret that you are in business to make money, you may have started your business so that you could do a job that you love (I know that’s how I started), it may be that you run your own business to help you juggle work and family life (anther of my reasons) or it may be an entirely different reason

However at the end of the day, no matter what your business is and no matter what your reason was for starting it, you need your business to make you money, otherwise its just a hobby.

Yet despite that fact, so many business owners out there fail to take advantage of one of the best and easiest ways of making money from their business and that is by having a responsive email list!

Having your own email list is a sure-fire way to sales, trust I have been making sales and generating income this way from my businesses! My husband runs a product creation business and he can send out to his list and make money while he sleeps!

The great news is, so can you!

Check out this weeks video tutorial and discover how to get your own kick ass email list started!



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