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So Graph search is one of the best Facebook Tools for business pages, it allows you to really understand how business use Facebook.

It lets you know where your ideal customers are hanging out, what sort of pages they like, what their interests are, even what their problems and concerns are!

No only can it help you fully understand what they like and don’t like, what problems you can help them with. Using Graph search can help you with with blog topics, product creation, bait magnets and way more!

It’s also an amazing tool for helping you target your Facebook posts and advertising so well that you will be blown away by your results!

However, here is the problem Graph search at the minute is not available in the UK.

I’m based in the UK, Scotland to be exact, so it used to really frustrate me that I couldn’t access Graph search, then I discovered a really simple solution that let me access graph from here in sunny Scotland – that last part is clearly a joke because its June and we are still in winter jackets and the kids in wellies! the sun has been MIA since last year! – anyway I digress so check out the video below and get Graph search for your own page, and trust me you will be delighted with the results. Oh and feel free to send the sun in my direction if ¬†you see it!


Don’t forget to leave us a comment in the comment section below and we would love it if you could share the love so lots of other people can help me find the sun! I mean access graph search and improve their social media marketing by 100% ! Thanks





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