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SEO is vital for every small business owner but not every business can afford to pay out for expensive SEO services and tools at least not right away. That shouldn’t be a barrier to starting your SEO journey.


SEO Power Hour

Get SEO Ready in 2022

With the SEO power hour, you can start your SEO game strong in 2022. With our 2022 power hour, we can tackle your most pressing SEO challenges.

The power hour can help you tackle some of the following areas:

How your site is looking in the eyes of google.

Identify the main areas for improvement.

Discover the keyword gaps your site has.
Identify content clusters for your site.
Map out the SEO work you should be carrying out in the coming months.

Here’s what others have said about working with me to boost their SEO.

“Thanks once again for all your help and guidance last week and indeed for everything you have sent across. The session was sooooooooo useful.  Cannot believe how much we learnt”

Hannah Jolly Festive

Thanks for a great session Marion, It was so useful, I learned loads and it’s left me with loads of ideas to work through!

Sara - Rebel Eating Coach

No more scrambling in the dark when it comes to SEO. No more having to put all your eggs in one social media shaped basket and then panicking whenever your reach drops.

SEO can drive traffic to your website 24/7 and all you need is a good SEO plan. One that’s easy to follow and doesn’t drown you in technical jargon!

Ranking in the search engines can be a game-changer for your business so make sure you are ready to make 2022 your best SEO year.

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The Keyword Mini Bundle

You know your ideal customers are out there looking for what you have to offer, but you have no idea what terms they are searching for?

Or perhaps you are looking to get rankings on the board as quickly as possible and don’t have a year to wait to start ranking for a competitive keyword.

Not to mention you know you can drive targeted customers to your blog, but you have no idea what you should be writing about.

You know you need help but you don’t have hundreds or even thousands of pounds to spend on a full keyword research package.

We will analyse your site and identify keyword gaps.

Carry out competitive analysis to see what your competitors are ranking for.
We will identify keywords for your home page and your main service pages.
We will identify ideal blogging keywords to make up 2 content clusters on your site.
Identifying user intent, search volume and difficulty ratings.

Here’s what others have said about working with me to boost their SEO.

“Thanks so much for the keywords research, especially the blog ones. Some of the options really surprised me and helped me think more outside the box when it comes to keywords”
Lisa Imaginative Pictures

“Thanks so much for the keyword report, it’s given us lots to work on and good ideas on what search phrases to target”
Edward Bulmer Paints

Get started with your keyword mini bundle today for only £300

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