Want to know more about what me? Then read on (as long as you promise not to judge me!)

I'm Scottish and seriously patriotic.

Im Scottish and seriously patriotic. This means you will find random Scottish musings, facts and pictures throughout this site. It also means I talk with a Scottish accent – a Glaswegian one to be exact. Subtitles shouldn’t be required but can be provided free of charge 😉

I’m a mummy to 2 seriously crazy, fun, determined, loving mini me’s.

My Kids are my why, they are also the reason I have grey hair and bags under my eyes! I am very proud of both of them, so there will be slight mum bragging throughout this site, if this is something you don’t like in a marketer then perhaps I’m not the one for you.

I married a Celtic fan.

This may not mean much to you but to my Rangers daft family this was sort of a big deal for a minute. Thankfully we all love him enough to see past this obvious character flaw.

I’m a preemie.

I was born at 29 weeks weighing just under 3lbs. A big deal now an even bigger deal 36 years ago. My parents were told not to expect much from me. I had other ideas. You tell me I can’t do something I will show you umpteen ways I can. I’m determined like that. Though I also have been told at times this comes across as being like a dog with a bone. I don’t give up EVER. Where there is a will there is a way and all that.

My first proper marketing job after uni was for the Scottish Tourist board

This means not only can I help you with your marketing, I can also tell you the best places in Scotland to visit, when Nessies gets fed and how to see Haggis in their natural environment (yes I was asked all 3 of these questions during my time with the tourist board)

I am obsessed with all things vintage and upcycled

You will normally find me with a paintbrush in hand with an old piece of furniture in my sights

I love online marketing

like seriously I love watching a business go from so so to oh my god results just with a few tweaks to their marketing campaigns. One of my proudest moments was a client selling out her packages in 24 hours and all it took was giving some TLC and a little sparkle to her online marketing campaign

I also run a website design, SEO and training company with husband

(see I have never held him being a Celtic fan against him) We have been lucky to have clients throughout the UK, Europe and USA. This is one of the reasons I KNOW what works and what doesn’t with your website. Years of experience and trial and error.

I am a Staffy Owner.

Well Staffy Cross to be accurate, Jake my fur baby and my kids best friend. I used to be terrified of Staffy’s until I owned one. Now I know they are the most loving, loyal breed of dog ever. (Though perhaps not the brightest)


(because every website really needs one, even if it is totally awkward talking about yourself in the 3rd person)

Marion Leadbetter is the founder of and the co-founder of Brand U Boutique as well as various online marketing and website design training courses and programmes.

After Graduating from the University of the West of Scotland with a BA ( distinction) degree, Marion started a post-graduate degree in IT before going on to work in Marketing and Sales for, first the Scottish Tourist board and then within the Pharmaceutical industry.
After her daughter was born in 2006 Marion started a website design and SEO business with her husband and then started her own online marketing and training business

Across all her business platforms Marion has been lucky enough to have clients across the UK, Europe and the USA and has helped her clients reach more customers, grow their brand and increase their sales.

When not feeling pretentious talking about herself in the 3rd person or updating her blog and Facebook page with loads of free training and great content. Marion can be found hanging out with her favourite people ie her hubby and kids in (not so) sunny Scotland, Watching movies, reading books, painting furniture and travelling as a family to let her kids see that there is a big old world out there that they have to go explore.

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