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How to add a user to Google Search Console

For this episode of SEO in 10, we are going to look at How To Add A User To Google Search Console.

As a small business owner one of the best SEO tools you can use to help your business grow is Google Search Console.

Google Search Console will give you a wealth of data on how your website is performing, you can see what search terms you are ranking for, what position you are ranking in, if there are any issues with your website  and the best thing is it’s totally FREE.

Google offer a suit of free SEO tools that can help you with your SEO. Its a tool we use every day when we are running SEO campaigns for our clients over at Lead Better SEO or even when I am running power hours, or strategy sessions for my SEO Upcycler clients.

The information we can learn from Google Search Console Is second to none and its invaluable in helping achieve the best growth we can for our clients.

Google Search Console For Small Business Growth

In fact one of the reasons I love Google Search Console so much is the knowledge we can glean from it that, we then take that information and it forms part of our SEO strategy.

We can help our clients identify quick SEO wins, see keyword gaps they had previously missed and help them change course if Google are ranking them for the wrong things.

Using the data you find in search console can translate into better rankings, which in turn translates into more traffic, more enquiries and more sales and who wouldn’t want that!

How To Add A User To Google Search Console

Why Would You Need To Add A User To Search Console

There are a number of reasons you might need to add a user to Google search console, it could be you have your own marketing team and they all need access.

Or you might have a business partner and you both need to be able to see the data.

It could be that you have hired an SEO company or training and they need access to best help your business grow.

When a client books in with me for a power hour or SEO strategy package, I always request access to their Google search console to help me plan their SEO better, if they don’t have one then I help them set up their Google Search Console

We do the same for our clients at Lead Better SEO, it doesn’t matter whether you have booked a SEO kickstart package, an SEO audit or SEO keyword package or if you are a monthly SEO client, we will make sure you have Google Search Console and help you set it up if you don’t!

So those are the main reasons you might need to add a user to Google search console, now lets move onto HOW you add a user to Google Search Console.

Adding An Admin To Google Search Console

Thankfully adding a user to Google Search Console is really straight forward. I have put the written instructions here but we always do a little step by step video guide for our clients over at Lead Better SEO, so I have added that video below as well.

Step1: Log into Google Search Console for your website property

Step 2; Go to Settings then  users and permissions. You will need to be the property owner to see this page otherwise it won’t be visible.

Step 3: Select add user and input the Google email address of the new user that you wish to have access

Once you have done this it will appear as a property for them to access when they log into their Google Search Console.

Adding A User To Console – Video Tutorial

Removing Users From Google Search Console

You should only allow people access to your Google Search Console while they actively work in or for your business, once they no longer work for you then you should remove their access.

We always remind our clients to remove our access once our projects together are finished and you should make sure you do the same,

It’s really easy to remove someone from your search console, you just do the same as you did for adding them except instead of add user you select remove user and their access to your search console account will be removed.

I hope you found this SEO in less than 10 mins tutorial helpful, I would love it if you could give it a share or let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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