Understanding Google And Keywords

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Understanding Google And Keywords
Understanding keywords and Google can be tricky, especially in relation to making sure they work for your website.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “SEO”? More often than not people think of 2 things “backlinks” and “Keywords”.

This blog will be about helping you gain better understanding of keywords and Google.

Understanding Keywords

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “SEO”? More often than not people think of 2 things “backlinks” and “Keywords”.

This post will be about helping you gain a better understanding of keywords and Google.

The way keywords and SEO work have changed several times over the years.

Google And Its Algorithm

As a result of keyword stuffing and people trying to trick the system, Google has evolved their search algorithm to ensure that the quality of the content was the most important thing.

So while targeting a keyword phrase is still important and is still something you should work towards you no longer need to target just one specific search phrase.

Google has advanced from the days of trying to fit your keyword in as many times as possible and now thanks to Google’s use of AI it now understands, and values, the context of your content.

This means that while it will of course look to rank you for the keyword you are clearly targeting it will also rank you for other relevant search phrases as well.

Research, Research, Research

Therefore when you start you keyword research make sure you start with a top or niche in mind and then you can target a variety of related phrases.

So what does that mean for your keyword research? Of course it’s still important to do keyword research and to understand specific phrases your target audience may be searching for but don’t get caught up in focusing only on one term look at a variety of related keywords and phrases as well.

Using tools like Keywordtool.io or the Google Adwords Tool you will be able to find unique keywords related to your topic, and then you will be able to implement them in your blogs and copy.

I hope this post has helped you gain a better understanding keywords and Google

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Understanding Google And Keywords


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