Understanding Google Search Console | SEO in 10

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Understanding Google Search Console

Google search console is one of my favourite free SEO tools, it can give you a wealth of data about how your website is performing in the search engines and help you create the best SEO strategy for your business in order to help it get traffic from the search engines.

For this episode of SEO in less than 10 min, I wanted to give you a quick introduction to Google Search Console and show you all the ways you can get the most out of in, in order to help you increase your business revenue.

Side note, if you haven’t already set up Google search console you should do so now. You can check out my other SEO 10 blogs about how to set up Google Search Console and how to add an admin to Google Search Console if you need a little help getting it fully set up.

Does Your Business Need Google Search Console?

The simple answer to this is yes. It’s why “do you have Google Search Console?” is one of the first questions we always ask any client who books in for an SEO strategy or Power hour session, or any retainer client who books with our agency Lead Better SEO.

Google Search Console  is one of the most powerful  SEO tools  around and best of all it’s FREE. The information you can glean from it can be the difference between a successful SEO strategy  or a failed one.

So lets dive into the video below for some quick tips on using Google search console. The transcript for the video is directly below it, for those who prefer to have the transcript as well


Transcript of Understanding Google Search Console

So in this video, I just want to do a quick brief introduction to help you understand Search Console better.

When you first log into your Search Console depending on how many properties you can will either see one site or several listed  if you have more than one website. You can toggle on and choose the one that’s for you that you want to look at.

You can click this bar across the top, for some quick SEO insights and it will give you achievements, number of views for the last month, generalized site overviews if you’ve published new content it will be there, your most popular content, how people find you.

This is a really good one to analyze. Your most searched queries, what your data is doing, referrals from other websites, average engagement so that’s like your backlinks and you can click through to these and get more data but it is a really good snapshot of how well your site is performing.

So for example we know that on this site the most traffic comes from organic search then it’s direct and email so that means that we know we need to keep focusing on organic search as a main traffic source and making sure we do everything we need to for that.

You can make sure your most popular posts are the ones that they should be and then any new content see how well it’s performing , check if it’s indexed and then how it’s been doing for the past 28 days so that’s a good snapshot that you can get.

Then you come down here and it just gives you a brief overview of the performance, the google search results, if you appear in google discover, indexing if there’s any indexing issues, page experience scores, and any enhancements, recipes, breadcrumbs, guides, side links, Snippets etc.

All really useful information to have. You can access more details in each of those simply by clicking through and it’ll take you down them that way or you can just navigate down it yourself.

So to loos at Google search results you can toggle these on to a variety of dates including custom data and you can pick comparison data as well.

It will tell you every query that you’ve ranked for and an average search impression. Now you’re getting volume here but that is purely because I use a tool called Keywords Everywhere.

It’s a browser add-on and really cheap to use. I think it’s something that’s less than $50 a year to use it and it is brilliant for the data that it gives you including the fact that it integrates with Google Search Console to allow you to see search volume.

Because you won’t always have that unless you use Keywords everywhere  I’m not toggling it for the rest of the video. You know, it’s just toggled it on by mistake. Anyway, normally you wouldn’t see that there unless you’ve got keywords everywhere.

But it is handy to have. So you can see the Google search results, everything you’re ranking for. And you can just work your way all across it.

If you have anything that comes up and Google Discover it will show here. And again, you can change the date range to find one that’s suits you.

Then it will give you some page data, how many pages you have indexed, how many aren’t indexed. And the reason that they’re not indexed because sometimes that will be important.

So for example, these 404 ones, we would want these pages to either be indexed or removed altogether. As opposed to just having broken link, because that what a 404 code is, a broken link.

It will tell you  if you have information in any videos on the pages, show you if you have a site map, if you want to ask Google to remove any pages from your site, you can do it there.

And then it’s just got some page experience and those enhancements that we saw. So breadcrumbs, guides, etc. All this data just down the left hand side.

Then if you ever worry that Google has given you a penalty. Here you can look for manual actions and it will tell you here.

Or if there are any security sites that Google think with your site, it will tell you what they are here.

You can grab some link data here. So external links, the places that you link, like your links come to, your internal links, your top linking sites that come through to your site and your, top linking text.



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