Why do you need an SEO strategy?

by | Oct 11, 2021 | SEO

Why Do You Need An SEO Strategy

Have A Business Website? You Need An SEO Strategy


Why do you need an SEO strategy? SEO can bring your business more visibility, more traffic, more brand awareness, more sales. However, this is only achievable with the right SEO Strategy.

So, what is an SEO strategy and why do you need one? If the last year has proven anything, it’s that businesses need to not only be online but have a plan of how to get traffic and sales online.

The pandemic opened many businesses’ eyes to the fact that being online was going to be a vital component for businesses going forward.

When the world stopped and businesses all over the world had to close their doors there were 3 categories of business online.

Those who were already well established online, with a great website, an SEO plan already in place and traffic flowing boosting sales and keeping them going.

Those who had a website but didn’t really do much with it and got virtually no traffic to it, who had to suddenly work out how to replace foot traffic with online traffic.

Lastly, those who had no online presence at all, no website. Those were the businesses that had to make the biggest pivot to keep their business going.

By the time the world had started to open again, most businesses now understood the importance of a strong online presence.

Many business owners now knew the answer to “why do you need an SEO strategy” because they had spent the first lockdown frantically creating one for their own website in the hope of getting more traffic and sales.

In fact I think some of the best SEO strategies were created in the midst of the pandemic as businesses had to find a way to pivot fast! 

Importance Of An SEO Strategy

But for those who don’t know yet, let’s take a look at the questions “why do you need an SEO strategy”

If you want your business to really drive organic traffic from the search engines, then you need to have a plan for your SEO.

Your SEO strategy can be the difference between page 1 rankings and significant traffic to your website or page 10 rankings, no extra traffic and a lot of frustrations.

Why do you need an SEO strategy

So Why Do You Need An SEO Strategy?

You need a SEO strategy for the simple reason that a well-optimised website earns more traffic especially if you have chosen the correct keywords.

With the correct keywords and page 1 rankings, your website is attracting traffic from your ideal customers.

That traffic can turn into not only higher visitor numbers, but increased email sign-ups, more enquiries, more blog shares, more sales!

In other words, if you want to bring more traffic to your site then SEO is one of the best ways to this

Not only that but it’s free traffic, unlike Google or social media Ads, traffic to your website from the search engines is free.

Ranking in the search engines helps your customers find what they are looking for.

They are searching anyway, so who do you want your ideal customers to find your competitor or you?

Ranking well in the SERPS will boost your brand awareness and reputation. These are the simple but powerful reasons your business needs to create its own SEO strategy!

What is an SEO Strategy?

Every good SEO strategy starts with an SEO goal. Not necessarily what you want to rank for, but what to achieve by ranking.

Your overall goal should never be to just rank, your goal has to be what benefit ranking will bring you.

Then you have to have a keyword plan, a content plan to sync up with that keyword plan.

You need to know what work your website needs to make sure it’s properly optimised, and then you need to think about how you are getting PR.

Of course, there is much more to it than just this but that is the bones of a good SEO strategy.

One you will follow for the next 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Hopefully, this has given you a good insight into the question “Why do you need an SEO strategy?”

If you would like more info on my SEO intensive session to create your own SEO strategy then check out my SEO intensive.

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