How You Can Use SEO To Grow Your Business

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How You Can Use SEO To Grow Your Business

How can you use SEO to grow your business? One of the best ways to grow your online business and drive traffic to your website and blog is through search engines like Google.

Think about the last time you looked at your website visitor stats and thought, “ouch those numbers are really low, why isn’t anyone coming to my website

You know you need more visitors to come to your website and buy your products or services. What you don’t know is how you are going to get them?

Normally the first place people turn to is Social media and I can understand that social media can be great at giving us a quick hit when it comes to traffic.

However it’s not always the most reliable and one of the most common complaints from entrepreneurs in 2021 was that their social media reach was way down!

That’s not to say you should abandon social media completely when it comes to your marketing. It can and should still play an important part. It’s just that, while SEO can’t offer you a quick fix in terms of traffic it can offer you long term consistent results and traffic from people who were actually seeking you out. Especially with the correct SEO strategy.

If you think about social media and SEO for a moment, both are types of marketing but they are two different types of marketing. Social media is push marketing.

This is where you use your social media feeds or ads to push out your content, products etc in front of who you think are your ideal clients and then you hope that they click through to your site. The aim is for you to push your products or services out to where you think your ideal customer might be looking for it.

Search engine optimisation is what we call pull marketing, this is where the searchers, your potential clients are looking for what you have to offer. They are using Google, bing, pinterest, youtube to find something they are looking for.

It could be an answer to a question that your site provides or it could be a product or service that you offer. Either way they are actively seeking you out and that makes them more likely to take action than they would via having your business show up on their social media feed.

They are actively searching for you and therefore tend to be further down the buying process than they would be through social media marketing

Using SEO To Grow Your Brand

Knowing What They Need.

One of the best ways to use SEO to grow your brand is to know what your ideal clients are searching for. What search phrases (also known as keywords) are they typing into google? What are their pain points? What questions do they need answered? What services do they need?

Once you know the answers to this you can make sure your website is the solution. That you copy answers their questions, your services meet their needs etc.

Do you run a business coaching website? Perhaps your clients are searching for help with business marketing that won’t break the bank? Will you be the answer when they type in “affordable business coaching”

Or are you a Glasgow based wedding photographer? Does your website come up when they type in “wedding photographers in glasgow” ?

Perhaps you run a website that sells unique and unusual gifts? People could be searching for you when they type in “unique end of year gifts for teachers”

It’s vital to pick the keywords you target very carefully, you want to really understand the user intent behind the keyword, and choose a search volume that sends traffic but isn’t too competitive to rank for.

And of course the keyword you are targeting has to match the product or services that you provide matches what they are looking for, otherwise they will simply jump off your website and onto another

Thankfully there are SEO tools and websites that you can use to help you identify the correct keywords for your website.

[bctt tweet=”Writing blog posts on a regular basis can drive thousands of new visitors to your website every week from the search engines, in fact once you are up and running it can send thousands of visitors every day to your website!“]

How You Can Use SEO To Grow Your Business

A Blog Can Drive thousands of visitors to your website

Some people can be put off blogging because they think it’s too much work or worse think that “blogging is dead” which it really isn’t.

Of course there is more to content than just blogging but for the purposes of this point I want to focus on blog content.

Writing blog posts on a regular basis can drive thousands of new visitors to your website every week from the search engines, in fact once you are up and running it can send thousands of visitors every day to your website!

It’s really important to have a content plan for your website , break your area of expertise down into niche topics and then great 3 or 4 content clusters using those topics.

So for example, if you are a business coach then finance could be one of your niche topics, make that a content cluster with one main blog on business finance and 3 supporting blogs. Then repeat for the other topics in your business and then use google calendar to create a blogging schedule for the next 6 months.

Make sure you format your content correctly with onsite optimisation in mind to ensure you get the biggest impact from your posts and don’t forget to include a call to action at the end of each post!

Grow your email list

Of course the more blog content that you can get ranking the better it will be for your business as it will help you increase your brand awareness, grow your email list, get more enquiries and make more sales, all of which means more money for your business!

If you add a call to action like sign up to our newsletter or download a free checklist, printable etc at the end of each blog post you will be able to grow your email list through SEO.

When people find your blog content via a search and you help answer their questions etc then they will be happy to join your email list, get your freebie etc.

That way when you have a new product or service or when you launch a new course you will have a ready made email list of people who know who you are and love what you have to offer!

So these are just a few ways of how you can use SEO to grow your business, have you tried any of them already? Or is there one you think will work best for you? Will there be some you use in your own SEO strategy Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to download a free copy of my FREE SEO checklist to help you get started

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